Warehousing and Cargo handling

In planning smooth and fast movement of freight on a specified route quite often provisions must be made for intermediate stops. TLSC provides short-term and long-term certified warehousing and storage services:

  • Sorting, weighing and measuring goods; 
  • Repacking goods; 
  • Formation of parcels;
  • Completion of transport documents;
  • Accounting goods stored;
  • Executing transactions;
  • Warehousing dangerous goods.

Also, we take care of stevedoring operation and related services:

  • Mechanized loading and unloading of goods;
  • Manual loading and unloading of goods;
  • Preparation for transportation;
  • Non-standard freight operations;
  • Loss management for freight and vehicle damage in Lithuania and abroad.

Do you have any questions? Need specialist advice?

Head of TLSC Warehousing and Cargo handling Department Andrej Agromov will provide detailed information on freight warehousing, storage and stevedoring services provided by the company by tel. +370 46 410921 or by e-mail agromov@tlsc.lt.